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The Yahu Ranger Podcast aims to help provide a trustworthy path for those seeking the truth of Yahweh. Hopefully, these podcasts will also assist one in learning and understanding Yahweh’s message of salvation as given in Scriptures. May Yahweh be with you on your journey to discovering Yahweh’s truth. www.yahuranger.com

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020. Moses and Yahweh

Monday Oct 30, 2023

Monday Oct 30, 2023

It is clear from the numerous passages in Scriptures that the name Yahweh is an eternal name and that it was known and used since the days of Adam and Eve.
It can also be demonstrated beyond any doubt that Yahweh revealed the sacred name to the patriarchs Abraham, Isaak, and Jacob and was utilized by their households.
How, then, is it possible that a popular interpretation—which contends that Yahweh never revealed his name to Abraham, Isaak, or Jacob and that it was only first revealed to Moses—can be used to offset the entire book of Genesis and numerous other verses throughout the Scriptures?
We invite you to investigate this seeming contradiction in Scripture and discover the facts of the matter with this podcast.

Tuesday Sep 05, 2023

The court system developed by the Hillelic Pharisees was clearly a device they invented to address how a New Moon Day was to be declared. The rabbis did involve the populace by having them act as official witnesses, making them feel as if they were an essential part of the process.
At the same time, the Jewish people allowed the Nasi (head of the Sanhedrin) to become all-powerful, giving him the same status as Moses and by hanging on his very utterance of approval before they could begin a month and count the days to their festivals.
Ultimately, the regulations of the Hillelic system caused it to collapse under its own weight, leaving those who adhered to its principles in a constant state of confusion.

Monday Sep 04, 2023

The Hillelic Pharisees, starting with Gamaliel I, using the “traditions of their fathers” and heavily influenced by Babylonian customs, instituted a series of modifications that forever changed the requirements for determining the beginning of a month and a year in what became known as Orthodox Judaism.
One must realize the fact that there is no record before the Mishnah (200 C.E.)—and then only when it deals with the period of Pharisaic control over intercalation beginning in 41 C.E.—of any official sanctification of the new moons and the requirement for witnesses before a court to confirm a visual sighting of a new moon crescent.

017. Rapture - Rapture Revisited

Wednesday Aug 02, 2023

Wednesday Aug 02, 2023

Our first Rapture Podcast, “016. Rapture - Shortcut to Paradise?” dealt with the possibility of a Rapture from an Old Testament viewpoint. Unfortunately, for the Rapture advocates, the Old Testament did not produce any evidence demonstrating that one could bypass death and then proceed to Paradise or the third heavens.
We will continue our quest to see if we can find that ever-so-elusive “Shortcut to Paradise” by next delving into the New Testament.

Friday Jul 28, 2023

Is there any merit to the idea that some select group of believers can actually take a shortcut to Paradise by avoiding death via a Rapture? With this podcast, we will investigate the scriptural facts of the matter, revealing that all mankind has to experience death at least once.

Tuesday Mar 14, 2023

It is abundantly clear that an overwhelming amount of evidence supports the 7-day observance
of Passover and Unleavened Bread being Abib 14-20. Also, it can be demonstrated that this was
the practice of Yahushua the messiah, and the early assemblies who later were referred to as

Saturday Feb 18, 2023

There are 134 times when Jewish copyists (or Sopherim) of the Masoretic text, believing that certain passages were too often quoted that used the sacred name Yahweh, changed the primitive Hebrew text to read adonai or eloahim instead of Yahweh.
Unfortunately, many have failed to realize the extent of the tampering of our present Hebrew Masoretic Text, especially regarding the sacred name Yahweh.
This tampering also extended to the name Yahu, the praenomen of the preexistent Yahushua the messiah. Before Yahushua became a human, his full name, as given by Scriptures was Yahu Yahweh.

Sunday Jan 29, 2023

Unknown to most followers of Yahweh, there is a remarkable witness that provides evidence for the practice of the 7-day Festival of Passover and Unleavened Bread occurring on Abib 14-20.
This witness comes from an extra-biblical work, the Book of Yashar. The present copy of the Book of Yashar is by no means to be assigned the authority of Scriptures. However, what the text says regarding the Passover of the Exodus nevertheless proves quite informative and interesting. 

Tuesday Jan 10, 2023

In the New Testament book of the Hebrew text of John (MS. Vat.ebr100), there is a seeming anomaly regarding the burial and anointing of the body of Yahushua the messiah. This anomaly actually proves that Abib 14, Passover, is a High Sabbath. The final evidence is presented with Part 2.

Monday Jan 09, 2023

In the New Testament book of the Hebrew text of John (MS. Vat.ebr100), there is a seeming anomaly regarding the burial and anointing of the body of Yahushua the messiah. This anomaly actually proves that Abib 14, Passover, is a High Sabbath.

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